Why is Free पानी free?

Free पानी will be provided free through ads printed on bottle's sponsored by different brand partners.

Will you ship Free पानी to me?

Yes, we are currently shipping large orders of Free पानी B2B to advertisers & distributors.

Why non BPA bottles and not paper cartons?

Looking carefully at the pros and cons of both BPA bottles and paper cartons, we know that BPA bottles are harmful for our environment, however our long term goal is to manufacture, fill, distribute all our beverages in 100% recycled paper cartoons.

How can I help Free पानी?

We kindly request your support in spreading awareness about our project by sharing it on social media and with your friends and family.

Which NGO's do you donate?

We believe in giving back to society, through partnerships with NGO's and community initiatives, we donate 10% of our revenues to support initiatives related to water conservation, education, and access to clean water to the underprivileged.


How much does it cost to advertise?

It depends on several factors:

1) BPA bottles or paper cartons?

2) The number of units?

3) Are we distributing the water or are you distributing the water?

4) The location of distribution?

5) Do you have a graphic designer on staff or do you need us to design it for you?

6) Are you splitting the ad space with someone else?

How does Free पानी compare to other advertising mediums?

Though there are no. of channels available to market, be it digital marketing, televisions, newspapers, bill boards, etc. The approach through Free पानी provides unparallel opportunities to integrate this innovative medium into various advertising budgets. Our aim is to demonstrate that this medium yields a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) compared to Direct Mail, while currently being more cost-effective for every ten impressions.


Who will distribute Free पानी?

At Free पानी we have a dedicated team who distributes freepani at strategic locations across India, to assist you with increasing visibility, outreach, create goodwill & sales conversions.

Additionally, we offer the option to deliver the freepani bottles with your branding directly to your doorstep. You can then distribute these bottles at your designated locations, expanding the reach of the initiative.

Can I use Free पानी as fundraising?

We are committed to forming exclusive partnerships with organizations and other community outlets, including places of worship, sports programs, schools and colleges. For partners using Free पानी as a fundraising opportunity, we require them to independently sell all the ad space. In return, we will contribute between 10-20% of the profit share per beverage to the partner, depending on the quantity and price at which the product is sold.